Toddler Lessons: How My Two-Year-Old Taught Me Consistency

Toddler Lessons: How My Two-Year-Old Taught Me Consistency

Consistency is key. We’ve all heard that before, but do we really apply it to our daily lives? Consistency requires commitment. We can’t just wake up one day and become fluent in greatness with something new. It takes dedication even when we don’t see results immediately. This is  a toddler lesson on exactly how my two-year-old reminded me about consistency.

When we started potty training, I thought we had a long road ahead. What a journey it truly is. Before we got to this stage, I didn’t do much research for tips; I just KNEW that Sloan would nail it. She showed signs of wanting to kick pampers to the side by taking them off at the worst moments (like when they were full of poop, the mushy kind). Messy floors, messy panties, messy pants. I was so sure that it would be an easy road that I bought her “big girl” panties and not the proper training attire for a first time potty goer. Wow.

Sloan goes to an in-home sitter so once we got on the same page about expectations the road was a little easier. It’s so important to make sure your village understands the goal. Sloan’s Gigi (her sitter) was a major key in making sure we kept the momentum going. She made the suggestion that I purchase potty training panties. They were SO much better than regular panties because they were easy to clean and didn’t make as much of a mess. The look is similar to panties, they’re just a little thicker. We totally skipped the “pull-up” stage. I also purchased a toilet cover for toddlers to put on the “big girl toilet.”

It’s so important to make sure your village understands the goal.

I wouldn’t put her in the completely potty trained category because when it’s time for bed I still let her wear pampers, and if I’m being totally honest she’s in the “regression” stage. This just means that she’s getting too comfortable and pottying isn’t as exciting as it once was which means that she potties in her panties at least once a day. There’s still work to be done, but we’re willing to go the extra mile.

No matter how many times she messed up panties, we continued our routine. Some days were harder than others, but we pushed through. The biggest toddler lesson of it all? Consistency yields results. Every. Single. Time.

Here are three simple things that helped her:

1. Consistency: Let’s be clear. It’s a must. One of the first things we would do when we got home was grab panties. She messed up a lot, but we did it over, and over and over again. We really wanted it to work.

2.  Cheers. Because who doesn’t love a pat on the back?! She shared her excitement with lots of clapping and screams. Going to the potty is definitely an accomplishment every time.

3.  Treats. Who doesn’t enjoy rewards? Ice cream or chocolate is a sure way to make them work for more! Not only was it rewarding for her, but it was financially rewarding for us as parents.





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