My Birth Story

My Birth Story

Here is my birth story about how Sloan entered the world. Giving birth is the most amazing life experience I’ve had to date. My pregnancy seemed to go by rather quickly. The usual morning sickness but other than that I only remembered I was pregnant because Sloan would say hello with a kick here and there. Sloan came two months earlier than expected on May 18th, 2015. It was a crazy day! My water broke around 7 am that morning, but I thought I was just losing extra liquid beyond my control. I didn’t freak out too bad since there was no pain, but I called both of Sloan’s nanas to get advice about what could be going wrong. At that moment, I decided to go to work because there was absolutely no pain. I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment for noon just to be safe.

Early Arrival

It was raining, and since I knew it was way too early for Sloan to come I told everyone I could handle it alone. My doctor confirmed that I had lost a lot of amniotic fluid (way too much to keep Sloan in). The visit lasted ten minutes before he told me to head over to labor and delivery. Pause. LABOR AND DELIVERY?! For what? She’s not ready. I’m not ready. This cannot be happening. Well, it was, and it happened. Thankfully Sloan’s dad listened to his fatherly instincts and made the drive to the appointment because what I thought would be a checkup turned into Sloan’s birthday. I never made out a birth plan because life happens, but my initial goal was to give birth naturally.

You won’t know how the birth of your baby will go until it’s time for the birth of your baby.

Plans? Yeah, Right

Repeat that to yourself a few times. I was so worried about her being premature, but she was either coming that day or in two months; either way the doctor said I was there to stay. Sloan was breech and was making no movement at all so she definitely caused concern for us. After minutes passed with no response from her, they finally decided an emergency C-section would be the best option. The epidural was terrible. I hate needles and usually black out at the sight of one (no worries, I didn’t black out this time). The pain was excruciating and nothing less. No debate here. I was so worried about being able to see my mom before going into surgery since she was coming from Mississippi, but she made it just in time for prayer. I recall rolling down the hall on the way to have my C- section being so anxious and not at all afraid about welcoming my tiny human although I had not had a knife on my body to date.

At 9:38 pm we had our baby girl. 4 lbs, 8 ozs, 19 inches, and 2 months early, although I like to say she was right on time. She came exactly when she was ready. Unfortunately, I was unable to hold her until the following day. The hours leading up to meeting her were long but so worth it. We were so grateful to have some of the most important people in our lives there for such a special moment. Recovery seemed like hours of uncontrollable shaking and unbearable pain (but those pills though). I barely slept through the night. I woke up super early the next morning so anxious to meet the little human who made my belly her home for the past 7 plus months. The moment I saw her was like no other, and it’s a feeling that hasn’t left and won’t ever leave.

“It was more magical than I could have ever imagined. ”



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