Mommy Time: Three Reasons Why Parents Should Value Time Away

Mommy Time: Three Reasons Why Parents Should Value Time Away

Mommy time is a must. I recently took a girls’ trip to LA with some friends. I decided to join three weeks before takeoff as I originally had prior engagements, but I wanted to go somewhere new. I jumped at the opportunity to send her to stay with her Nana (my mother). Since I work so hard in all aspects of my life (motherhood especially) I couldn’t turn down a chance to take a break.

Before I left, I sent out one email for work. I made a promise to myself that I would only focus on having a great time and making great memories. I’m a semi-control freak so it’s so hard to just “let go” when you manage a team and everyone is pretty new, but I did.

My hat goes off to anyone who has to go through parenthood alone. It. Is. Not. A. Drill. It’s real, it’s challenging, it’s exhausting, but the most important part of parenthood is that it’s rewarding. It’s an absolutely amazing experience that I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world because it’s such a joy to watch my little human grow before my eyes.

We love our kids so much, and we’ll do anything in the world to keep them happy. I get it. I’m “that” mom, too. However, I’ve also learned that there is no reason to feel guilty when leaving your children. Let that guilt go. When you return from your baecation, your night out with friends, or your weekend getaway your baby will be in one piece, and your mind will be at peace. In order to take care of someone else, you have to take care of yourself first.

Time away from your children is rare, but extremely valuable.

Here are three simple reasons parents should value time away:

1. Time away from your children is rare but extremely valuable. It’s the perfect time to replenish all of your energy that was taken away during the week of wiping asses, honoring hundreds of juice requests, and screaming out in agony after you stumped your toe on the toy that was left on the floor…again.

2. Children need time away as well. Don’t fret. They don’t miss us as much as we think they do. Children rely on their parents for everything. They’re only independent when they want to be, not when we need them to be.

3. You get to focus on you. Self-care is the best care, but sometimes it’s hard to give yourself everything you need when you have more than one being to care for. Mental health is extremely important.

Cheers to better parenting and time away!


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