Mommy and Me: Black, White, and Golden Yellow Outfit

Mommy & Me: Black, White, and Golden Yellow Outfit

                                              “What are you most proud of?”

That is the most difficult question I’ve ever been asked about Sloan, courtesy of my mother. I had absolutely no idea how I could be proud of one thing about the most perfect little human being that I’m able to call mine.

Until we started potty training…Oh. My. Goodness!

Potty training is hard. Actually, hard isn’t the word, but until I think of something better that’s it. Sloan’s sitter is kind and patient enough to let her wear “big girl panties” during the day as well. She hasn’t grasped the concept just yet, but we’re not giving up. Our goal is to have her potty trained by her birthday (which is May 18th, by the way).

That’s pretty much all that matters, so until then send all of the potty training tips our way!

Golden Yellow jumpsuit: Forever21

Sloan’s Entire outfit: Zara


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