Easter Basket For Toddler Girl

Easter Basket for Toddler Girl

I’m a tad bit bias. I’m a girl mom, so it’s natural. Easter is such a special holiday, and I’m glad that one way we celebrate it is by gifting loved ones with the cutest Easter basket ideas. Since Sloan is still young, I haven’t mentioned the Easter bunny. I’m just giving her a basket with goodies on Easter Day.  There are so many goodies that can go into a basket! If you’re still unsure of what to put into your toddler’s Easter basket here are a few ideas for Easter baskets for toddler girls

1. Sunnies. You can never go wrong with a really cute pair of sunglasses for your little. Cat eyes are a personal favorite.

2. Jewelry. I have a gold bangle that I wear daily, and Sloan is always after it. I purchased one that was almost identical for her.

3. Chalk. Chalk is such a fun way to allow them to express their creativity. You can purchase a chalkboard as well, or you can go for a walk and doodle along the way.

4.  Bubbles. You can never go wrong with bubbles! Get this: there’s no mess to clean!

5. Figurines. Specifically unicorns figurines.

6. Books. A good book is always a go to, but who can pass up bunny ears?

7. Coloring books. Don’t forget the markers!

8. Cameras. Toddlers are always in front of a camera, so putting them behind a camera can easily be a win; especially when they can view images of Mini Mouse!

9.Finger paint. This could messy, but you’ve been warned. To make cleaning easier, just use a towel.


There are SO many ways to put a smile on your little babes’ face. Be creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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