DIY Toy Chest

DIY Toy Chest



Customized pieces are my favorite so deciding to work on a DIY toy chest project was a simple decision. I looked for a toy chest for quite some time but wasn’t interested in spending $300 plus for a box to be filled with toys.

I frequent thrift stores often, so when I stumbled upon this amazing toy chest I was uber excited! The wood was in perfect condition, so I knew it would be easy to paint. This project took a little longer than expected (I found this in May, started working on it at the end of July), but it proved to be well worth it. The best part? I only paid 12 bucks for this! That’s insane considering the condition. It would have been a super easy product if I would have started with actual paint instead of spray paint. Although the final product wasn’t what I imagined, I’ll definitely cherish it for years to come, and I’m sure I’ll change it up along the way. I’ll share the simple steps below to this DIY toy chest.

DIY Toy Chest

Step 1: Wipe wood free of all dirt and debris. There are wood cleaners available as well.

Step 2: If the wood is smooth, there’s no need to sand. If not, sand away using an electric sander or regular sandpaper for a smooth surface.

Step 3: Prime. (I skipped this step, but next time I will definitely prime.) The best primer I’ve used is Kilz primer.

Step 4: Paint. Painting a smooth surface is pretty easy, but when there are crevices and other loopholes it makes painting a little difficult.


I didn’t use a sealant, but you can definitely use one to complete it if you like. The fabric on top was glued onto a foam piece using fabric glue. That’s it! Very simple. If you have any questions about specific paints used let me know!






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