Birthday Traditions To Celebrate Each Year

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Birthday Traditions to Celebrate Each Year

Birthday traditions will always be special. Celebrating another year under the sun is always worth a celebration. Birthdays should be memorable, too. There are so many ways to make a special day even more special by adding a birthday tradition. For Sloan’s first birthday it was really difficult to find the perfect white dress. I wanted a really subtle look, but I didn’t want to spend too much on a one-year old’s dress so I reached out to my good friend John to get the perfect little piece. I told him exactly what I wanted, and he sketched out the sweetest little design.

There are so many ways to make  a special day even more special by adding a birthday tradition.

birthday traditions

Her second birthday dress was definitely a favorite. This year, we (I) had a slight obsession with unicorns. Finding the perfect unicorn fabric wasn’t easy, but eventually, it came together. I found this fabric online at Fabric Worm. I loved the hints of pink, and the fabric represented all things magical. Her “grammy” made the dress and definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely one that we’ll cherish forever.

This tradition is definitely one that I hope to keep up as long as possible. I’m so glad it’s something that we’ll share for years to come. I’m currently looking into ways to preserve them for as long as possible so she can pass them on to her children if she likes.

Even if you haven’t started a tradition, the next birthday is still the perfect time. You can start a dinner tradition, give an engraved piece of jewelry, share an inspirational book, etc. There are way too many options to name. Whatever you decide, I’m sure your mini will cherish it forever.



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