Becoming a Mom of Two

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Becoming a mom of two is a lot of late nights and early mornings. Children completely change the dynamic of our every day lives.  Being a parent is a tough job ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to get it all right.

When I found out I was expecting again, I was nervous. Time flew by, and I was just getting adjusted to having a toddler. Although I knew she still needed me for everything, she was becoming more independent.  Instead of doing everything everyday for one child, I now have to do it for two.

Being a mom of two is a baby on your boob and a baby on your back. It’s one baby crying (usually the oldest) that leads to a domino effect and the other baby starts whaling too. It’s twice the childcare money (babysitter and school) so you can make sure they’re both in GREAT hands. This is a non-negotiable so you have to cut the check for that.

 A few months prior to finding out we were expecting I completely stopped any and all things to do with nursing: pumping, breastfeeding, and pulling out boobs when someone wants a buffet. As soon as the new baby came, I started all over again.

Becoming a mom of two

Sharing the Love with Two

Although it crossed my mind a few times, I didn’t worry much about my heart expanding to love baby #2 just as much as we loved Sloan.

I tried really hard to make sure Sloan wouldn’t feel left out being the big sister. I wanted her to know she would always be more than that. Although we had a new baby, Sloan needed to know she will always be our baby, too.

We were already prepared for the jealousy, although we made plans to lessen it as much as possible. But really, how do you go from getting ALL of the attention to having to share it with someone else in your home?

Sloan still has an issue with wanting me to hold her at times if I’m holding Saige. I know she’ll eventually grow out of, but I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

becoming a mom of two

Sister, Sister

I can definitely credit a lot of Saige’s independence to Sloan. I lost count of how many times my toddler had my infant baby in her arms without permission. She loves to follow her big sister around and mimic her every move.

Schedule Game Changer

The bedtime schedule at our house is a work in progress. It is currently the hardest part of our night time routine (or lack thereof). We are still co-sleeping (send help), and if Saige isn’t asleep Sloan feels as if she shouldn’t be asleep.

Molding Little Humans

The girls are my true girl gang for life, and my hope is that our teachings of honesty, integrity, and love will never shy away from their hearts. Becoming a mom of two is an adjustment, but the love you’ll gain is immeasurable.




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