Welcome to Penni Sunshine!

I’m Paris Crawford, the mother & leader of the Penni Sunshine Girl Gang. The other two members include my daughters, Sloan & Saige. Sloan is the strong-willed second-in-command of the gang, while Saige is the mellow cadet, who keeps it all together.

We live by the fashion code, and can always be seen making a statement.

My style can be described as regal with a pop of color. You’ll see that I love dressing her in cute clothes, and more often than not her outfits will be almost identical to mine (I’m quite sure as the years change, her feelings about this will change as well). The three of us reside in Atlanta, Georgia by way of Calhoun City, Mississippi.

Penni Sunshine was birthed in 2018. However, the journey began earlier than that. In 2017, I felt inspired to create a small children’s boutique when she noticed there was a lack of shops that offered the type of pieces she wanted for my daughter, Sloan. The name Penni Sunshine came about when Sloan’s babysitter, noticed that the other kids in the daycare couldn’t pronounce Sloan’s name. She was therefore dubbed, “Penni Sunshine.”

My goal is to empower and inspire millennial moms and their minis.

I can’t wait to share my journey of motherhood with you through life experiences, photos, and any and all things motherhood and womanhood. I’m quite sure you’ll find something here you can relate to.