Mommy and Me: Pink Overalls Outift

Mommy and Me: Pink Overalls Outfit

What’s cuter than this Mommy & Me pink overalls outfit?!

The day we took these photos the weather was AH-MAZING, and so many people were out walking their dogs.

Sloan is obsessed with any and all things dog, and I know for sure who she did NOT get that from. There was one huge dog in particular. He had the whitest, fluffiest fur with the most befitting name: Angel. I don’t recall the breed, but I’m almost positive he was mixed with Beast.

Anytime Sloan gets near a dog, she usually tries to pet it. I don’t mind her exploring, but I always get permission for her to touch because dogs have a mind of their own.

While being brave isn’t always our first instinct, sometimes it’s our only choice. 

I wasn’t too fond of her being so close to such a huge dog, but I didn’t show her my fear.  Instead, she taught me something that day as she does every day. Be fearless, and be brave.

Life lessons from a toddler have been my best as of late, and I can only imagine the lessons that are on the way with this brave one.



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